Friday, January 13, 2017

the Never Heard Of It files: Accord Cigarette

"The first cigarette designed to be smoked inside its own lighter."

Was digging through my nest, and found an old men's magazine with this advertisement inside. Ever seen such a sight? 

copied from the Accord Tobacco website:


Philip Morris USA, Altria


Cigarette smoking system using an electronic cigarette lighter and cleaning unit. Cigarettes are inserted into a hand-held heater that heats the rod. Uses a device called a lighter that heats the tobacco (about the size of an electronic pager). The special Accord cigarette is inserted into the lighter. The lighter electronically heats the tobacco. Heating the tobacco and releasing a favored smoke. Ultra low regular and Ultra Low Menthol. Accord - TM has been upgraded to a new test product called Heat Bar.


The premium blend of tobaccos in Accord cigarettes guarantees a satisfying ultra low tar taste. Accord produces a lot less smoke because you smoke it in the Puff-Activated Lighter. And with less smoke around you and around others, there's virtually no lingering odor. And there's never any ash because the cigarette isn't burning up in the lighter.[1] 

Less environmental tobacco smoke, fewer carcinogens. Virtually no lingering odor. No ashes. A new way to smoke.

Product Design Feature:

Philip Morris developed Accord, a microelectric cigarette holder, to “address consumer concerns about health risks,” and as a direct competitive response to R.J. Reynolds’ “Premier” product. Unveiled in 1998, the battery-powered “smoking system,” which reduced visible smoke and ashes from the end of a cigarette, was a radically different kind of smoked tobacco product.

The device contained a microchip that sensed when an Accord cigarette was being puffed, and sent power to eight heating blades around the cigarette. The chip prevented ignition if conventional cigarettes were inserted into the lighter, and was also equipped with the equivalent of the television V-chip, a locking device for use by parents.

The device worked using a novel electronic sensor technology. Inhaling on a cigarette inserted in the device triggers the electrical heating element, which heats the cigarette to a temperature below that necessary to create combustion, but still delivers emissions which contain nicotine. The tobacco in the Accord cigarette is warmed only when puffed; smokers could take a puff from a cigarette in its holder, put the device down, and take another puff an hour later.

Very futuristic. Two questions:
Was this a forerunner to the vape systems so popular? and 
Did this turn out to be much healthier than regular smoking?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NBA 2K16-10: Eastern Conference Finals, Roanoke Railguns v Chicago Bulls

To begin the Eastern Conference Finals, Chicago was a 92 overall; the Roanoke Railguns were 77. Perhaps the team got some rest after their sweep. There is not much talk of repeating such a feat in this round.

Game 1, at RoanokeRoanoke wins, 93-54So... the Bulls seemed dangerous on paper. And not only because they have one of
our doppelgangers, Panthro Wang. But the team was fired up to start well. Alexandr Vikayanov was most ablaze, with 20 points, 3 reb 3 assists. Our Panthro was not far behind, as usual. He had been upset since the Joe Johnson trade, which knocked him out of the lineup. But the anger had translated into strong play on the court.

Game 2, at Roanoke.  Roanoke wins, 82-64. Joe Dumars's return signaled better things than anticipated. Another time for clobbering... even though the Bulls defense was supposedly set at 99 for today's game. Might be a sweep after all, was the thought in the locker room. But no one wanted to speak too soon...

Game 3, at Chicago.  Roanoke wins, 86-57. The Railguns broke out to an 18-4 lead. Big mistake--the boys got lax, and soon the score was 20-15. Sloppy passes. But they were reminded of the mission at halftime. Dumars had 13 and 7, steady as usual. Stevens
put in 19 including four threes. Derrick Rose had us shook with some of his dribble stutter-steps but he got stuffed a few times and finished with 8 points...

Game 4, at Chicago. Roanoke clinches, 80-56. Oklahoma City was up 3-0 in the Western Finals, against the West's #8 seed New Orleans. Plan was to dead this series in a sweep so we could practice and rest... The Bulls were tough early. But Stevens had 18 at the half on 8-10 shooting and the Railguns were up 49-26. We had more in the first quarter (28) than Chicago's first half... Not much to see. Motivation and execution and another sweet win.

The Thunder swept the Pelicans over there. So on to the Finals. Our team had just about mastered the shooting stroke (except for the Rodmans and Hansbroughs of the world). Coach aims to keep the team in season for the last series of the season.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Siomai and Friends Fries by Chris DeBrie: travel

It is a rare thing when a memoir allows you to not only be a spectator to someone’s life but actually feel as if you are walking through their experiences with them. 
--Amazon review

Monday, May 30, 2016

NBA 2K16-9: Round 2, Roanoke Railguns v Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta was not as good as the Miami Heat, who we had just dispatched 4 games to 1. The Roanoke Railguns coach anticipated a
sweep. Never mind that the Hawks were rated at 81 to the Guns' 73. They were worse than the Heat on paper and on the court.

Joe Dumars had a bad hammy that is day to day. The lineups were very different than at the start of the season. That's attrition for you. But the rest of the team was prepared and relaxed.

Game 1, in Roanoke: Roanoke wins, 87-56. At some point, the Hawks got a doppelganger of our Willie Wolfe. On our team, Wolfe is a lead-footed bench warmer. On Atlanta he was a starter.

Enough said. Mack Long, our Shawn Kemp-like backup center, was a 70 rating but if he ever got to 90 or so, he could be lethal. He went 24 pts, 6 reb, 5 steals, a block and an assist. That was off the bench... 

Game 2, in Roanoke: Roanoke wins, 82-58. John Derry Stevens poured in 28 [13-19 shooting], 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals. Nevalove nearly fouled out before getting 17 acrobatic points. The Warriors lead 2-0 over OKC; same for Memphis over New Orleans and Chicago over Cleveland....

Game 3, in Atlanta: Roanoke wins, 65-49. Ugggly! Stevens was the player of the game and he shot 5 for 20. 11 points, 5 steals, 4 boards, 2 assists. Nothing to see here. Clear the area.

Game 4, in Atlanta: Roanoke clinches, 68-61. Good news arrived after that crime scene victory we got in Game 3--Joe Dumars was healed up from his hamstring injury and we had our starting PG back. Swole Whitehead might not have been happy, and he played pretty well in relief. But Dumars was simply better; the game would have been closer without him, because Alanta took it up a notch and were tough... he scored 18 points. Stevens had an 18 point, 6 board game.

The Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated Golden State, 4 games to 3, on the other side of the bracket. A one-point victory in Game 7 at GSW, with Russell Westbrook missing because of injury. So much for beating the Warriors in the Finals... OKC would face the 8 seed New Orleans Pelicans in the Western Finals. Next up for the Roanoke Railguns: #2 seed Chicago Bulls.