Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still Boring and Dependable: The San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs won their January 9 home game versus the Los Angeles Lakers. San Antonio is 15-2 at home as of that victory. The Lakers are big news during the 2012-13 season, because they are struggling.

There is an angst that falls over the NBA when one of the league pillars is weak. We claim to love parity. But the dynastic franchises and universities in every sport have the most fans. So many of us must secretly, and actually, love rooting for Goliath (and, finally, for his failure).

The Greg Popovich-Tim Duncan era has been amazingly consistent. But since they aren't flashy, they get short shrift from fans and media.

In late 2012, David Stern passed down a fine because Pop didn't play his three best stars--Duncan, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan. Since then, the Spurs have been wrecking the league.

In 2007, I was a guest caller for a late-night sports show. Long story short, I got the equivalent of an eye-roll from the show hosts.

The San Antonio Spurs had just clinched the title for the third time in five years. One host was moaning about how boring the Spurs were. 

My rebuttal was, to paraphrase, People keep claiming the pros don't play team ball, yet the most machine-like team in the game gets labeled 'boring'. Those talking heads tore me to shreds for an entire segment. "This guy Dee in Virginia probably likes watching women's basketball, too!" Was great.

The Spurs are again a contender. They seem to peak in odd-numbered years. I still can't find anyone to agree with me, but watching a team where everyone seems to be absorbed and knows their role... it's nice to watch. Like the New England Patriots, everyone knows the game plan but can't do much about it.

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