Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dream Journal: Doctor Basketball

I am a six-foot-nine basketball phenom. Seem to be in high school and garnering the attention that great ball players get in the 21st century. News conferences, sycophants crowd me whereever I go, signing autographs... and of course dominating suckers on the court.
Years pass by. I am finishing college. People are now treating me with surprise and confusion. Why?
Because, even though I am in line to be the top pick in the NBA draft, poised to be the best player on the planet, I stayed in school four years. Not only that, but I make the announcement that I am foregoing a Hall of Fame basketball career. Everyone, including "loved ones," are shocked, even angry.
"I'm going to medical school," I tell media. No one can believe it at first but it's true. The fall that would have been my rookie year, I have enrolled in a northeast medical university.
More years fly by. I'm talking to smiling child patients and their parents, standing before them with a white coat and touch tablet...

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